Get Your Product Supply Right

We help you manage component and material supply. Together, we can evaluate your detailed needs, do forecasting, supplier qualification, help with importing. There are a thousand details. We are there to make it work.

Product Supply in 3 Steps

Setup - What you need

  • Product prototype
  • Cost & volume targets
  • Supplier requirements
  • Retail / B2B / Consumer
  • Customer experience

Start - What you need

  • Final prototype
  • Quality requirements
  • Supplier choice, terms, costs
  • Inventory plan
  • Warehouse choice, terms, costs, import registrations
  • Total product costs & lead-times

Operate - What you need

  • Demand forecast
  • Purchase orders
  • Production tracking
  • Inventory & cash forecast
  • Import management
  • Warehouse operations
  • Customer invoices

Our service - What we do for you, so

you don't have to


  1. Find a prototype or engineering development partner, get your prototype created
  2. Establish volume & cost targets
  3. Determine key requirements for suppliers
  4. Find trustworthy suppliers, determine sourcing overseas or local
  5. Create Requests for Quotation, get costs
  6. Set up fulfillment model (Retail / B2B / Consumer)
  7. Identify customer experience needs and supply features like special packaging or ethical/sustainable supply


  1. Negotiate prices, terms & conditions, and make supplier choices for product, components and tooling
  2. Get production prototypes made from suppliers, issue sample orders
  3. Calculate needed inventory and ordering rate, project cash requirements
  4. Set up import HTS or other classifications, set up import documentation
  5. Identify warehouse needs, quote and negotiate with warehouse partner
  6. Set up customer shipment and product marking requirements, especially retailers
  7. Determine final landed product cost


  1. Develop demand forecast and purchase order planning schedule
  2. Issue purchase orders and verify acknowledgments
  3. Manage leadtime changes
  4. Track production & resolve production issues
  5. Forecast inventory & predict cash flow
  6. Track & manage imports
  7. Track warehouse on time pick and pack for customer deliveries
  8. Issue customer invoices & authorise supplier payments
  9. Implement desired design changes, identify cost down opportunities

Choose Your Service

Pick a service that best fits your needs. All services will be tailored to your specific project and goals.

Starting Assessment

Free Initial Evaluation.

  • Short Questionnaire
  • Assessment Call
  • Evaluation of Supply Needs

In Depth Consultation

60 Minutes Support Call.

$ 150
  • Free Initial Call
  • Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Direct Consult with Expert
  • Customized Assessment
  • In-Depth Evaluation
  • Recommendation for Your Next Steps
  • $150 discount on Supply Services or Expert Coaching

Expert Supply Coaching

Coaching Sessions & Guides

$ 750
Full Package
  • Free Initial Call
  • Guided decision making
  • Our experts help you make the right supply decisions
  • Customized assessment of your supply situation
  • Supply risk matrix and mitigation recommendations
  • Supply chain map and landing cost worksheet
  • 5 hours of individual coaching
  • Decision guides and useful tools

Custom Project Support

with Detailed Assessment.

Get a Detailed Evaluation
  • Free Initial Call
  • In-depth Assessment
  • Expert support team of supply chain professionals
  • As much or as little Supply Chain Management as you need
  • Dedicated expert advisor as your single point of contact
  • 2x faster or more than DIY
  • Cost dependent on breadth of services required