How Good is Your Supply Chain?

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We designed this as a fast, high-level tool to self-identify the strengths, as well as areas of opportunity, for your company’s supply chain.

This survey covers 9 areas of supply chain capabilities. Both sections and aspects are weighted based on our experience of the importance to overall business success. Results are shown for each section and for the overall score.

Supply Chain Integration

Why take this Assessment?

Supply chains are getting more complex and difficult to manage. Leaders need clarity on where their organizations stand, and what are the highest impact areas for further focus and development. These areas are different for every company and stage of development.

It's YOUR Assessment

All supply chains are unique, with specific combination of strengths and challenges – and your perspective is what counts here.

It only takes 15 minutes

We designed this to be impactful and fast for you to fill out. Results are calculated and emailed to you immediately.

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Find out what focus areas would bring the highest impact for your operations, based on your current level of capabilities.

How it works



Score the capabilities listed in each section based on your judgement of the current status of your organization



A score will be generated for each section, along with the total scoring, and be emailed directly to you. 



Review the results of the scoring, and both the risks and opportunities that may be present at your level of capabilities. 


Go Further

Gain deeper insight into your unique combination of strengths and opportunities with a review call with a senior supply chain expert.