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Find your suppliers and manufacturing partners

To bring a new product successfully to market you need to go through several phases from design to scaling. If today you are focused on finding a manufacturer or a supplier we can help get that done. But we want to help you think beyond that immediate task.

Finding the right supplier and a getting ready for production takes a lot of time and effort. Done wrong, it can be very costly and sink a project! The problem with a strategy that focuses on “find a manufacturer” is that you are likely to discover that you will need a lot of energy and time to manage the details of selecting the right manufacturer for your product idea. And even then, it may not be made and delivered with sufficient quality or with the possibility of being sold with a profit.  

Now, do it right, and don’t waste more time and money!

A full product supply and market feasibility strategy is a much more effective way of getting a product to market.  This includes end-to-end thinking from patent consideration, design implications, production supply feasibility, manufacturability, import costs, supply risk, and volume scalability.

Build your product plan to answer your critical questions

Is my product idea ready for manufacturing? Can I afford it? How can I manufacture to scale? How do I get it to my customers? How will I manage my major manufacturing risks? Most importantly, can I sell it and make a profit?

Sure, you can refine these answers as you move along but they are critical questions that should be answered before wasting time and money on patents, prototypes and supplier searches.

At Supplino, our goal is to help you get product to market successfully. We hate to see good product ideas fail! From retail, to cosmetics, to hardware the most successful and fastest product launches work with a realistic, well-structured plan. We can help you build your plan. (We can also help if you just want to find a supplier.)

And the first part of the process is easy.  Just schedule a short assessment call.

Product supply question? Full service design?

Let’s start with a no catch, free call, we assess your product and supply needs together in a short call. We then provide you with an Initial Assessment Report addressing critical questions and next steps. Your supply needs are specific and we will provide a customised output. Maybe it’s a list of suppliers, maybe it’s pre-design considerations and checklists. The stage of your project is critical to the outputs that you get.

For a select few projects, where we feel our network of Product and Supply Expert can also provide additional services, we will also deliver a proposal on how we can help you with supply and getting your product manufactured and delivered. But the choice is yours, you can work alone or you can choose us to help get your product out.

There is no hard sell, ever.


Then let’s start to get you the right suppliers or manufacturers for your product idea.

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