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Supplino’s marketplace platform connects you to the right consultants, freelancers, and service providers along the entire product life-cycle.

Supply Chain Integration

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You have Great and Unique Products. Do You have the right support?

With specific issues like labelling, importing, supplier delays, and inventory management each supply chain needs different support. Find the right people and waste less time and effort solving problems along the full product life-cycle.

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Get Your Product Launched

Need support and initial advice on how to navigate the early stages of a product launch?

Manage your Inventory and Purchasing Processes

Want an experienced team to address daily supply chain tasks?

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Looking for fractional leadership to help guide strategy, team and investor discussions?

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Focus on your passion, instead of identifying suppliers, managing purchases or dealing with import regulations. From supplier sourcing to customer shipment, find the right supply expert.


Ship on time. Hit your cost targets. Manage cashflow. Ensure that the supply decisions you make are the right ones. The right experts can link supply and inventory data with your business processes to help you avoid costly risks.


Your choice of materials, suppliers, and partners are key to delivering a truly responsible supply chain. The right support helps you design and manage a supply chain you can be proud of.