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Our next discussion with one of our network consultants on software and hardware integration, supply chain and manufacturing solutions. Come back soon for topic event details. 

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Top 5 Mistakes When Choosing an ERP Systems

January 11th, 2024

Choosing a new ERP system is a tough decision. It is a costly investment that your company will live with for years – with high impact on your team and customers.

For consumer goods companies, additional considerations like regulations, shelf life, high SKU counts, and complex distribution channels can add to the requirements.

Jennifer White, Supply Chain Operations and Project Management Consultant, shares her best tips on choosing the right ERP for Consumer Goods Companies.

China 2024 - Electronics Electromechanical Components - Supply Chain & Manufacturing Landscape

November 16th, 2023

Regulatory shifts in Europe, heightened focus on supply chain risk, and enhanced capabilities in Mexico and Asia prompt EU and US firms to relocate supply from China. Andrew Wilson, a Chinese manufacturing expert, provides insights in this webinar on optimal strategies for electronic and electromechanical companies.

Unleash Company Growth with Aligned Suppliers

Thursday Sept 7th, 2023

Suppliers providing poor quality or late shipments have a direct impact on customer goodwill and business brand strength. Kevin Smith, a supply chain consultant and expert, talks to us about the ways to get supply back on track and thriving.

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