Supply Chain Managed Services

Set up and run a supply chain you are proud of.
Our Expert staff with flexible hours - for your success.

Flexible Solutions to Ongoing Management

Full service Supply Management

When you need additional support with suppliers, inventory, distributions or scaling tasks.  


Our experts have worked years in supply chain and know how to deliver.


Packages give you flexibility based on your monthly workload.


Our experts are trusted and experienced, in-house employees, ensuring reliability.

Product Launch Support

Many products never make it to launch due to manufacturing problems – avoid that by working with our team, experienced in successful new product development and launch.
Supply Chain Integration

Inventory Management

Cash flow is crucial for any business and inventory can quickly take more cash than expected. Our experts know how to optimize inventory levels and payment terms to ensure your cash is maximized.

Supply Chain Officer

Whether looking for investor confidence, or operational leadership, we can help with fractional or full time support. Our executives provide instant credibility and stewardship for your company.
supply chain logistics experts

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

Don’t let out of stocks or poor quality limit your sales volume. Consumers as well as retailers and industrial customers expect perfect quality and shipment performance. Stand out against your competition.

count on us

The ROI Experts

Investors know the tremendous risks and challenges of product manufacturing and supply chain. Ensure your supply chain is one you can count on, and be proud of, assuring your investors.

try, try again

Best Practices

Save time, effort and money by utilizing the methods and approaches that other successful companies have used before you. Whether large or small, there are known ways to rocket your performance forward.

Choose your plan

Plan shown is for a Specialist II level position. Costs are dependent on required skill level.
All plans include:
  • A dedicated supply chain specialist, experienced in the full scope of supply chain from procurement to inventory management to logistics and shipping
  • A formal transition process to ensure smooth startup
  • Supply chain performance tracking and monitoring

16 Hours

per month
$ 928
Per Month

32 Hours

per month
$ 1763
Per Month

48 Hours

per month
$ $2506
Per Month

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We focus on all the aspects of Supply Chain, Product Development, and Manufacturing needed to get a product to market and managed over the whole product lifetime. Our network of experts, consultants, and freelancers are all experienced professionals with domain expertise.   

We propose one or more experts or consultants based on your specific project needs and your requirements. Once you have made your selection, we’ll complete a contract and manage the transactional aspects, you and the consultant can focus on the deliverables. Whether it’s a short one-time project or an ongoing commitment you have the option to directly manage the project or we can assist you with our project management team to help you achieve your goals.

No, you decide on the best contractual options for your project. This can be an hourly rate, fixed cost, or an ongoing monthly fee. The best option depends on your project scope and we will help you clarify what makes sense for you.

Absolutely, getting physical products made and delivered is hard and requires team flexibility. We help you find the right knowledge set so that you can have roll-on, roll-off expertise to address specific aspects of getting your product to market.  With a large network of experts, we have you covered – maybe you need import/export advice for 1 hour or longer and ongoing inventory management? Whatever talent needs that you have, we are here to help support you.

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