Get your design out of your head & see its real potential!

Do you have a physical product idea and aren’t sure where to start? Our Get Started Package will guide you step by step during the beginning of  your product development.  

Start with your Product Concept





Boost your Success

The  “GET STARTED” Package

Guided, step by step to develop your product concept.

2, 4 or 8 Hours of Personal Support

  • Individual one on one coaching sessions
  • Decision guidance
  • Flexible format

Project Management

  • Project tracker
  • Checksheets & tools
  • A documented and structured process

Decision and sourcing support on desired design partners.

You'll get support to complete:

Customer Validation

Ensure customer needs by testing your idea and adjusting it with feedback.


Document your concept concisely and consider all important aspects


Visualize your concept with dimensions, to start thinking of exactly how it will look


Get a sense of materials, heft, feel and aesthetics via your first informal mockup.

Business Model

Determine how you will move forward commercially and operationally

Be ready for prototype
Refine your initial concept
Feel confident in your design
Decide if you want to do it yourself or engage expert support along the way

Product Concept Made Easy


Our Product Development and Support Team will help you move forward.

Excludes optional partner fees.


2 Hours


4 hours


8 Hours

* The price of Technical Drawings, 3D Rendering, and other optional partner fees are not included. These depend on the complexity of your project. We will provide guidance to help to get cost-effective quotes.


If you are not sure which option to select, schedule a *free assessment call.

*The assessment call is billed $25, fully refunded once the call takes place.
No refunds if you fail to show up or fail to reschedule.