About Supplino and Our Team, We Love Supply!

Why We Built A Company Around Supply Services

We hate to see good ideas fail! It kills us to see entrepreneurs and small businesses struggle to set up supply, get product made and delivered to their customer. Avoidable problems, like cost over-runs, or manufacturing delays, can really hurt a small business.

Michelle and Eugenio, Supplino’s Co-Founders, come from the world of innovation, entrepreneurship and engineering. We want to see successful entrepreneurs bring great products to life.

Supplino - Our Story

Supplino provides end-to-end supply services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Entrepreneurs and small business teams would rather spend their time on their customers and core business, than dealing with supply complexity. At Supplino, we support the entire process, matchmaking the small business to reliable manufacturing partners and suppliers, and then managing the ongoing supply.

We are at the core, a services business, utilising a network of supply chain and manufacturing experts. As we build up common themes and topics from customers, we will transform to a platform-enabled service with our proprietary software. We want all startups to know, if they have a product idea, just go to Supplino to easily set up and manage the supply.

We love supply

Our Customers and the Entrepreneur Ecosystem

From retail products to medical devices, from sourcing to customer delivery, we have a variety of experience with managing customer needs and delivering precise solutions. We want entrepreneurs and small businesses to succeed more, struggle less and deliver to clients. We want to create a community of successful, engaged and qualified makers, so don’t be surprised if we engage with our customers and entrepreneurial ecosystems a little more than the usual service company. 

Got a Supply Chain Question? Contact Us!

As your supply partner, we can help you make the right supply decisions, reduce risk and gain expertise. Get in touch to learn more how we can support you or your team – we strive to assure successful product delivery to your customers.